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I am an expert at procrastination.  I always have good intentions and look forward to accomplishing great things such as getting ready for holidays, special occasions, and just regular household activities.  But, I tend to find just about anything else to do instead of what I am supposed to do.  Yup, this is called procrastination.

One way I procrastinate is I have a plan.  Then I think I should eat something before I start a project that I have been putting off, but decide this is the day it is going to get done.  Perhaps if I read just a chapter in the new book I have just downloaded on my Kindle and then I will feel motivated.  Now, it is getting late in the afternoon and it is time to make supper.  I’ll put together what we are going to eat, giving me a little more time to read, then guess what?  I have taken up all the time for my intended project by reading.

Do you ever have a project, sit and think about it, go through the steps and realize that you could have accomplished this if you would have just done it?  By going through the steps it feels that it is a bigger job than it probably was, and now my project is not done.  Oh well, I’ll just read a little more and start first thing in the morning.

I have projects that make me feel good, but sometimes I seem to feel like I just have more time than I actually have.  Reading is just one way that I procrastinate…  Another way is in the morning it feels good that I have a full day with nothing to do, but get a chosen job or activity such as grocery shopping done.  If I just sit in the beautiful outdoors in the summer on my screened-in porch and just enjoy the morning sounds and fresh air,  book in hand, I am in heaven.  Time just seems to slip away from me during these leisurely times and the time that I needed to do what I was planning to do is now gone.

I don’t know why I just can’t get up and do what I feel I must do, but I enjoy my downtime and the clock just keeps ticking away.  Not only do I enjoy my downtime, but I love the feeling of accomplishment.  I waste so much time and procrastinate so much of the time.  I find when I do things for someone else I just do it.  No procrastination is involved.  But, doing it for me, time is of no essence and just slips away.

I hate people who procrastinate and that puts me in that slot.  Time to get to work and put the book to rest for another time.  Yeah right!!!

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