There’s Always Tomorrow

Procrastination quoteAll my life I have been told I have “no sense of urgency”. What does that mean exactly and why is having “one” a good thing?

I watch the world around me fuss and fume and have a fit about getting everything done “on time”. Whose time exactly? Sometimes when I wait until I’m in the mood or I’ve thought a thing through in my head to start, the end result is a better one. I think I have a different view of the world. Often, I watch people hurry up and then wait with nothing to do.

People say I procrastinate. If I take my time and don’t rush into things I am “procrastinating”. OK, so I am.

I think part of it comes from not making everything such a “do it now” crisis. I understand that we must be productive and show effort and achieve goals. I sometimes think that other people stress so much about “doing it now” that they miss the enjoyment of a project and even affect the quality of the outcome.

I know that time management and procrastination often occupy the same thought. Sometimes I think that purposeful procrastination helps me really answer the question of “Do I really want or need to do a thing or not”.

I find myself struggling to get started on things I really don’t enjoy doing. I know I procrastinate about cleaning the house but I ask myself “is it really harder or more important to dust once every two weeks or dust every week?”

Frequently when I get things done ahead, I end up redoing over and over again to the point where I would have been better off waiting. I could have accomplished other items and then tackled the item I overkilled by starting it too soon.

I understand the benefit of urgency in life and death situations. I also understand that there is more than one way to get a job done and get it done well. I personally appreciate style differences and value our right to choose.

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