Black is Back

bedroomMy childhood room was nothing too dynamic in my opinion;  One problem was that it was never just “my” room.  I always had to share with a sibling.  It started out with me sharing my room with my older sister.  That was interesting as she never wanted me to touch any of her things, much less her clothes  (I did do a lot of sneaking her sweaters though!)  I’m sure that was one reason I spent a lot of time in Judy’s, my younger sibling’s room.  We had a lot of fun in her room playing and goofing around.  This was something that I was never allowed to do in “my” room.  Because it seemed that I was in Judy’s room so much my mom (I really think my older sister, Kathy, requested this), changed our bedrooms.   So I now shared with Judy and Kathy had her own room.  (still didn’t stop me from sharing her sweaters!!!)  We actually physically changed rooms.  Judy and I shared the larger room and Kathy had the smaller room which had been Judy’s to start with.   Continue reading

Home is Where the Heart is


Our First Home

As a teenager, I always said, “When I am eighteen I am out of here.”  Well, guess what, out of my family I am the only one that has never left.  I have lived in the same town my whole life, have moved only four times, and owned two homes (not including vacation properties).   I moved from my childhood home to an apartment when married, then from there to a new tri-level, and then to a two-story which I am still residing in.

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Picture Worthy Fluff

My life is decorated by my children.  Decorations are the fluff that adds sparkle to your life.  Not necessary to survive, but the stuff that makes us smile when we think back. Decorations are the people, places, and “stuff” that we take pictures of.  They are the stories we tell…

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A Passion for Decorating

If anyone really knows me they know I love to decorate.  I can waste more relaxing time (what’s that!!) planning for re-arranging a room, decorating or redecorating it, whatever the case may be.  I love planning and gathering all the materials before starting the decorating project.  I do not like to start anything until I have all the items needed to finish my vision.  That way, if there are changes to be made, it is easy to do so.  I think you need to start with one item that you just love and decorate around that.  One time I decorated a room around one little pink light.  (sorry Lisa).

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