Always a Witch, Never a Princess

Always a witch, never a princess…

When I was little, I always wanted to be a princess for Halloween. I could picture the long flowing gown and tiara and I thought I would be soooo pretty.  But, before I could get too excited, my mother would tell me, “You can’t be a princess for Halloween…  Princesses aren’t scary.”

Thus began the story “Always a witch, never a princess…”  So – every Halloween – I would be a witch even though it wasn’t what I wanted to be.

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All You Really Need are Pumpkins and Scary Stories

Fall isn’t my favorite season and Halloween is far from my favorite holiday.

Halloween equals crazy kids in my life–and crazy kids (as a mom or a teacher) are NOT at the top of my favorites list.  However, I can look past the candy-crazed children, the high cost of cheap, plastic costumes, and insane after-school costume parties and see that there are three…and ONLY three good things about this holiday.

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Witches Only Please

I think Halloween is actually more for adults than children.  Every year you see more and more decorations, almost as much as Christmas.  I, personally, like a few tasteful semi-scary decorations for Halloween, but the really gruesome ones I can do without.

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Autumn – A Bittersweet Season

In reflecting over the seasons one would say Autumn is a wonderful time of the year.  Yes, it is truly beautiful, most of the time, but I really do prefer hot summer nights, with the crickets chirping and long hours of daylight (with a few less mosquitoes that is).  Autumn is a sure sign that all our hard work in our yards is now back to square one, to be started again in the spring.
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