Always a Witch, Never a Princess

Always a witch, never a princess…

When I was little, I always wanted to be a princess for Halloween. I could picture the long flowing gown and tiara and I thought I would be soooo pretty.  But, before I could get too excited, my mother would tell me, “You can’t be a princess for Halloween…  Princesses aren’t scary.”

Thus began the story “Always a witch, never a princess…”  So – every Halloween – I would be a witch even though it wasn’t what I wanted to be.

(Maybe Mom was trying to tell me something by making me into a witch – Did she think that best represented my personality?  After all – my CB handle as a kid was also “Hagatha” – as in Hagatha the Witch…

I had a witch’s dress and hat and long hair, but the one thing missing was a wart on my face.  Mom figured out how to remedy that…  She’d chew some Double-Mint gum till it was soft and flavorless.  Then she’d stick it to my face with a single grey hair coming out of it. When I’d get to school, the kids would point and laugh, but would I take the stupid wart off my face?  No….  Of course not…  Ugh!!  I don’t think it ever occurred to me that I could remove that wart once I got to school!!

Fast forward to being a parent and finally having a girl…  Well – guess what she was for Halloween for the first 9 years of her life…  You guessed it – A WITCH!!!  (Even though many times she wanted to be a princess!)  Mom was right… princesses aren’t scary!!

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