My Time of Year

Aaaah… last, my time of year.  The colors, the crispness, the changes, and the leaves beneath my feet.  I love autumn.
Others see autumn as the pathway to winter and cold. I see it as a time to relish, enjoy, and be in awe of the beauty in nature and the opportunity available in every season.

I can’t help but see the seasons as a metaphor for life and in that regard, it is assumed that there is one “autumn of my life.”  I prefer to see each chapter in our lives as having each of the four seasons.  This autumn I am home again.  I am experiencing almost a childlike joy in revisiting this special time of year with pumpkins, caramel apples, hot cider, shuffling in the falling leaves, witnessing the vibrancy of the changing colors and the lift that comes with the crispness in the air.  

 I had my colors done years ago and learned that I was an “Autumn”.  No longer did I ask why I didn’t look good in the pinks, purples, and colors that make my sister look so beautiful and I so washed out.  I now knew the answer.  I am an Autumn.  I can wear rust, sage green, orange, and dusty gold.  They are my colors.  Once I owned them, I never looked back. 

Different parts of the country have different emotions about autumn.  In Colorado, the skis and snowboards come out to be tuned in anticipation of that first mountain snow and trips to the resorts for great winter experiences.  In Northern California, we celebrated the crush as the grapes were harvested and the elegant parties in the fields began- each field of grapes showed off its’ own quilt of magnificent color.

I look at autumn as a time to come into my “own” and to celebrate who I truly am.  It fits me and it brings on a wonderful blend of melancholy, comfort, and anticipation for what’s coming next. 

                   Yes, Sandy, I even look forward to the beauty of the winter snow.   

I lived too many years without it and it made me miss home even more.   

Autumn is my season.         



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