Autumn – A Bittersweet Season

In reflecting over the seasons one would say Autumn is a wonderful time of the year.  Yes, it is truly beautiful, most of the time, but I really do prefer hot summer nights, with the crickets chirping and long hours of daylight (with a few less mosquitoes that is).  Autumn is a sure sign that all our hard work in our yards is now back to square one, to be started again in the spring.
It is sort of a bittersweet feeling.  I truly love the colors, the excitement in the air of the pending holidays that are to come.  It is sort of a relief not to have constant yard work to attend to except, of course, for those people who can’t stand one leaf in their yard, they are truly in trouble, especially around my house as I love trees, vines, and bushes.

It is a finale before all hell breaks loose.  That is cold weather and, of course, snow.  I love the snow, I just don’t want to live with it anytime after January 31st.

Autumn brings great smells, beautiful colors, crackling fireplaces, beautiful harvest moons, but, you know what, I still can’t wait until spring and warm weather.

So, even though I do feel autumn is wonderful, I would much prefer three months of Autumn, one month of winter, two months of spring, and the rest should be summer.

Do you think I am living in the wrong climate???  I think so!

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