Leaf Piles and Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Am I the only person on the planet who doesn’t like fall?  Yeah, yeah, yeah…I’ve heard all about the “colors”, cuddling, hot cocoa, the crisp air…blah, blah, blah. I do appreciate the yummy pumpkin-flavored coffee (available for a limited time at our local Kwik Trip), the sound of crunchy leaves under my feet, and being able to wear my favorite boots again.  But all these things mask the reality of what is coming—long, cold, dreary, grey WINTER! Arrrrrrgh!

I am more of a hoper, a dreamer, a planner, a schemer.  Spring is my season. 

Although both seasons symbolize change, fall leads to a circling of the wagons, a wrapping up, an end.  Spring is the change of growth, and opening up, beginnings.

I know I’m painting this bleak picture.  Unfortunately, life is so crazy for me right now.  It seems as though the trees that were richly colored for about 10 minutes, a week ago, now look sparse and tired.  I was working indoors each of these perfect minutes when it was calm, 60 degrees, and the clear blue sky made the leaves seem to glow.  I missed it. I even made the choice one gorgeous Sunday to pass on a trip with the family to the apple orchard–believe it or not. I thought that getting some laundry done in a quiet house was more important!  Arrrrrrgh!

Now, as I take in the cushions from my patio furniture, I realize that I never enjoyed that morning coffee in the soft summer sun (as I had planned).  The fire pit went unused this past year.  I was only out in our boat twice.  My bike never came down from its hooks in the garage.  My veggie garden was overrun with 3-foot weeks AGAIN this year.  Winter is coming, and I didn’t live the life I had envisioned, dreamed of, hoped for…

I want a do-over.  I have this sense that life is short.  The days are passing—fast.  I am trying to keep up with my kids’ homework, my schoolwork, the housework, work, work, work.  Where is the play? 

Well, tomorrow is labeled on our family calendar as “WORKDAY” in bold letters.  (Exactly what makes this different from any other day in my life?)  The plan is to get the boat out of the water and make room in the garage so we can get our cars in again.  Well, I think I will also need to find that leaf blower.  Because there is an acre of leaves, just waiting to be made into the mother-of-all leaf piles.

Time to put on a warm coat, some gloves, and some hope-colored glasses.  There is still time. The snow isn’t flying yet…one dream can still become reality. 

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