I Think I’ll Just Sleep

I definitely don’t deal with stress well.  I end up doing one of two things:  I either get extremely crabby (“bitchy”) or I just lay down and go to sleep.

There are so many things in my life that add to my stress:  work, family, the house, the yard, worrying, and anything else that doesn’t quite go as I expect it to. Continue reading

Stress: It’s Just Life!

I’m the kind of person that wakes up in the morning looking forward to the upcoming day.  I do walk rather bleary-eyed to the kitchen for my coffee (cold in the refrigerator from the day before, already loaded with milk and sugar…I can’t wait for it to get made fresh). Then I get into a bit of a zen zone as I walk Huey-Girl in the dark, pre-dawn of the day. Continue reading

Is Anyone Bleeding?

The nightmare is always the same. 

It is Christmas morning. All of the stores are closed.  The family is waking up and expecting Christmas to be here. Extended family will be coming by later.  There are no presents under the tree, no tree, and nothing to wrap.  The refrigerator is empty and I have no way to buy any groceries for Christmas dinner.  The grocery stores are closed.  Once again, I have waited too long and the results are complete devastation…… 

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