Stress on a Daily Basis

I have been told that worry and stress are two of the biggest wastes of time.  I agree, but have not yet at this ripe old age figured how to avoid them.

Right now I am dealing with electronic stress.  My computers have been down at work.  This means we can’t get work done, makes everyone crazy, and thereby causes me considerable stress.  I am asked why this has happened, and if and when it will be fixed.  Of course, clients don’t care if computers are down which includes calendars being out of sync, the billing system not up to date, no one can get into the internet or “God forbid” their e-mail accounts, etc., and this really causes considerable stress.

Then I go home to run away from office stress to find calm and peace and what do I find, my stupid home computer is not working.  No internet, and this of course, also affect certain programs that I have set up for grandchildren when they are at my house, and when they are bored, and guess what, this causes me stress.

Now, I also have a new telephone which I have no idea how to work, and find myself calling or texting people that I have no intent on doing so.

I feel frustrated and stressed because I am of a generation that seems to be generally electronically challenged.  My five-year-old granddaughter learned to use computers when she was in preschool, or just knew how to use them   Go figure!!!

We have trouble figuring out how to use our TVs (more than two remotes make us crazy).  We even need two controls to just turn on and off the stupid TVs.  Of course, the remotes are never where they should be when needed (and since we always need more than one) this really causes marital hysteria.    Our telephone is either not working or if it is who the hell can find one as no one puts the receivers back on the bases.

I find it stressful that my computer is supposedly old (which I don’t understand why we should be expected to replace these expensive pieces of shit every two or three years) as they never seem to do what they are supposed to do in the first place.

I think our society is mechanically poor which makes for a lot of undue stress for me and I would imagine for a lot of other people.

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