I Think I’ll Just Sleep

I definitely don’t deal with stress well.  I end up doing one of two things:  I either get extremely crabby (“bitchy”) or I just lay down and go to sleep.

There are so many things in my life that add to my stress:  work, family, the house, the yard, worrying, and anything else that doesn’t quite go as I expect it to.

Sometimes I wonder if stress searches me out.  Just when I think things are going smoothly, suddenly something happens and the stress is there.  For example – everything can be going great at work, I’ve gotten a promotion and compliments from clients, then I get home and the house is clean and the kids are doing their homework and are getting along and suddenly “BOOM” – a tree falls on my car.  Or maybe everything is running smoothly with the kids – they are all at school on time and I’m running ahead of schedule for the morning and “BOOM” – I get a call from work that all the computers have died!  You get the idea.

Another common stresser in my life is when all the things in my life need to be done at the exact same time!  Let’s say – I’ve got client projects due, laundry to finish, kids to get to their activities, dinner to get on the table, a house to clean, mom’s computer isn’t working, and I have to pack for a week-long business trip and I leave at 3 am tomorrow morning.  AARRGGHH!!

It’s at times like these when I simply want to run away and go to sleep.  I find it so much easier to deal with my stress in my dreams.  Yeah, yeah – I know – when I wake up – I’m even more stressed, but when the initial overwhelm hits – I don’t care about that reality.  All I can think about it going to sleep.  Mmmmmmm – I love sleep!

I’ve also found that I can sleep anywhere and anytime.  That is probably due in large part to my narcolepsy (but that’s another story), but it sure comes in handy when I want to avoid my stress! 🙂

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