Motherhood in the Small Moments

The beauty is in the details…I became a mom at the age of 41 with my two boys and at 44 with my daughter.

First pic of Hoffman family (with Grandma Blue), fresh off the plane from Russia.

I may not have the youth and energy of a younger mom, but I hope that my years give me the perspective and wisdom to breathe and be thankful for the little things that make being a mom so precious.

This is what comes to mind…The tears in everyone’s eyes as we come off the plane from Russia with our sons.  Squeals of laughter that echo through our previously calm/quiet house.  The crunch of the gravel road as we walk to our family cottage with a pink bundle in my arms.  The smell of warm curly hair on a summer day.  A shivering body wrapped in a damp beach blanket snuggling on my lap after swimming. The glance over the shoulder and smile at a first piano recital.   The soft, even breathing of a sleeping infant, a 2-year old, a 5-year old, a 10-year old.

I don’t take nearly enough pictures or videos.  But I do remind myself…often…to close my eyes and say “thank you” for the small moments.


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