Hardest Job in the World

I have never taken for granted being a mom.  I have personally had six attempts with two wonderful successes.

I was very young and ended up with two daughters who are my most precious gifts.  They often give me a run for my money (so to speak), but I definitely always love them, not always LIKE them, but that is life. This has completed me in a way that only a mom can explain.  I have six fabulous grandchildren who were derived from these two wonderful success stories.  I, at the young age of 71!!!!! can’t imagine life without each and every one of them. My daughters make me laugh, be extremely proud, cry and love unconditionally.  They are truly my best successes in life.

I had a cousin that once said that kids were like a booby prize.  You had them, nurtured them, and helped them grow to adults.  Then when they grew to a point to where they were totally enjoyable and fun to have around, they left the nest to go on their own.  I totally understood what she meant.  Except, that I have had the good fortune of being able to have them close, together with their families, which I get to enjoy on a daily basis.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it is not always a bed of roses, as the roses do have some thorns. What a wonderful life this is when we are together and often have to wear ear plugs and enjoy my (daily) Brandy Old Fashion.  I can’t imagine my life without being a mom.  I would probably have a clean house, have my work done, and be organized and sane.  But, you only live once and I love chaos (most of the time), and having the opportunity to have them all in my life.  Taking being a mom for granted – You have to be kidding…


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