Longing for College Life

The first time I moved away from home would be moving to college.  I was so excited to make the move, I had planned out my entire dorm room before even getting home from my college tour. 

During the summer prior to leaving for school, I accumulated my things, made quilts for my roommate and myself, and practically had myself packed a week before leaving. We loaded everything into the Matlin’s Furniture truck (think Uhaul truck) and made our way to Eau Claire.

Even though I wasn’t living totally on my own, I still had the sense of freedom.  I was able to do what I wanted when I wanted.  If I wanted to eat an entire cheesecake while watching the Oprah episode where she hauled out a load of fat in a wagon, I could (and I did!) If I wanted to eat Lucky Charms for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I could (and I did!)  If I wanted to go out to a party, I didn’t have to ask permission.  It was FREEDOM!  

College was just a jump start to the concept of leaving home.  Even though it was truly the first time I left home, I wasn’t solely responsible for my life.  Mom and dad were there to pay for things and for me to go home when I wanted/needed.  I truly left home after I graduated college and became engaged.

1st apartment in Waukesha (2 bedroom/2 bath)

At that point in my life, I had gotten a job at ExecuTrain, a computer training facility for adults.  Once I had that job, I also got my first apartment with my finance. That was when I felt like my adult life had begun.  It was supposed to be just my apartment from April 1993 to August 1993, but he basically moved in with me.  

I was now in charge of not only my life but taking care of our “home”.  Turns out, I was back to having to check in with someone else before doing something, just like living at home.  What do you want for dinner? Instead of eating what I wanted.  What do you want to do tonight? Instead of doing whatever I wanted. Thinking back, it makes me long to go back to college again.

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