Cow Pies for Easter

Easter –  So many traditions, so many memories, and the anticipation for the beginning of warm weather…

As I have written before one of my favorite memories was going to church outside, up high on a hill at dawn in the little village of Black Earth, WI, with my grandma, my Dad’s mom.  There was a huge lit up cross and it was absolutely magical.  I always had a wonderful religious experience during these services.

I look at Easter, of course, as a very special religious experience, but for me it is also the beginning of spring, then summer, and the anticipation of warm weather. .

We often went to spend Easter with my father’s parents in Black Earth, WI.  We would go to church with my grandparents and would have on our Easter finest.  I remember on one occasion my sisters and I having on short fuzzy coats.  Mine was pink, Judy’s was blue, and my oldest sister, Kathy, was light green. When I would come off of my grandma’s porch I would get a plop on my new Easter coat.  There was an owl that must have liked pink because I was the one that constantly got spotted so to speak.  Then, of course, we had our typical hats.  We were quite the Easter fashion girls.  You always had to have a new Easter outfit and this always also made this holiday special besides the baskets, eggs, jelly beans, and chocolate bunnies.

Then after church and a large wonderful Easter dinner I had an uncle who couldn’t stand sitting around doing what he considered nothing but chit chat, or vegging out in front of the TV..  He would take all of us kids on a hike up in the hills.  Black Earth is in the Spring Green area which is full of very large hills, trees and beauty at its finest.  We would take off and hike these hills going from one area to another.  

My uncle was a real card and loved to create fun (so he thought).  You see these hills was also farm land and cows grazed on some of them.  He would love to pick up the dried cow pies and throw them at each of us.  I don’t think he ever really hit us, but he thought this was great fun. He would laugh uncontrollably, and we would just think this was totally gross.  I enjoyed just being outside in the spring, viewing the grass turning green, wild flowers blooming and feeling the wind in my hair and face.  It left me feeling alive and happy. We would be gone for most of the afternoon and just being in nature and exploring with family was a fabulous memory for me.

Traditions are so important to me and these are really good memories.

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