Does Your Talk Match Your Walk?

walk your talkDo I walk my talk? Do I follow through? Do my actions match my words?  Do I do as I say? Sadly, in many cases, I would have to say NO…I feel kind of creepy admitting that because my intentions are always good.  If I get down right honest, I often think out loud.  I try out ideas like I try on clothes.  When I speak my words and I look for reactions.  My need to please is strong, so if the reactions to my thoughts out loud are too severe, I may go another direction.

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Practice What You Preach

I feel I definitely practice what I preach most of the time.  For years and years, I’ve said I wanted a cottage on a lake.  Now, it wasn’t just any lake or just any area, but I wanted it to be on South Lake Michigan Drive in Door County, WI, on Lake Michigan.

I always knew I was going to do this.  We didn’t know how, didn’t know when, but it was going to happen.  It had to.  I put pictures up at work, constantly looked at the availability of properties and there was nothing…  especially in our price range.

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Be Careful Of What You Say Out Loud – Do Your Actions Match Your Words?

Do my actions match my words?

They DO. But…I’m very careful about what I say out loud. There’s a certain power that dreams–shared and spoken aloud–have in my life. A few of my biggies have been completing my master’s degree, adopting my kids, running a marathon. I committed and then took small, methodical steps to work toward the goal. I am slow and steady. I believe in planning your work and working your plan.


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