Alexa – Let There Be Light!

daylight savingsPicture this:  I’m living in Waukesha and it’s time to get ready for work.  I take my shower and put myself together for a day of training.  I wake up the baby, feed him, and get him cleaned up.  We go to the parking garage, get in the car, and drive to the garage door.  As it opens up, I see that the sun hasn’t even started to rise.  It’s standard time and I’m feeling like I’m ahead of the game for the day because I’m up and ready even before the sun has risen.

I love the change from daylight savings time to standard time.  When I get up and get ready for the day and the sun hasn’t even begun to shine, it gives me the feeling that I’ve already accomplished something for the day.  The feeling I have is hard to describe, but I’m almost proud of myself when I’m able to do this. Plus – the idea of getting an extra hour on the weekend during the change makes me happy.

daylight savingsOn the flip side – when we change the other direction in the spring and lose an hour, I feel frustrated.  During the weekend of the change, I inevitably am late for something.  Not to mention the fact that not all of my clocks automatically change so I’m usually confused as to exactly what time it is for the first day.

I currently am enjoying the fact that when I get up in the morning, it’s still dark and I have to say “Alexa – Let there be light.”.  I feel as if I’m getting a jump start to the day.  When Daylight Savings ends on Nov 5, I’m going to love it even more because it’ll be even darker when I get up and get myself moving. 

Bring on the time change!

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