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colorI was 23 years old and it was time to decorate my first apartment and then my own house.  I had no idea where to start, what to do, or even what color to use.  Then I remembered an idea Lisa had shared with me (after all – if Lisa thought it was a good idea – it probably was)

I don’t remember where she heard about this, but her philosophy was to have a theme color for your house.  Basically, you pick one color and carry that throughout the house in some way.  (one benefit of this is when people need to buy you gifts – they can buy you something in that color and you know it will match)

She had used the base color of forest green when she first started out and therefore, I knew I couldn’t use that color.  So my next choice was navy blue.  At the time I was picking these colors in the early 1990’s – the hot trend was navy blue, forest green, and burgundy.

colorMy color scheme has followed me to the house I’m in now and most rooms have a touch of navy blue in them.  There are a few exceptions, but not many.  My home has an open concept.  The kitchen, living room, and dining room all flow together and each has a touch of my navy blue/green/burgundy.  My kitchen has navy blue wallpaper with a navy/blue/green floral accent strip.  The dining room is wallpapered with the same floral paper and the living room has the navy/green/burgundy sofa and loveseat.   I’ve even carried the navy/green/burgundy floral strip into the 3 season room off the dining room.

colorWhen I was younger, I was committed to staying with my color scheme and wouldn’t dream of deviating, but now that I’m older, I’ve allowed myself to stray a bit.  My main bathroom doesn’t have navy blue in it, but the forest green from the main part of the house is present.  My office doesn’t have forest green/burgundy in it, but the navy is present along with yellow and denim (and daisies).  My bedroom doesn’t have navy/green in it, but the walls are a deep burgundy with touches of pink and grey.  

I don’t know that I have a favorite room in my home, but I definitely still like my colors, even after 30 years.

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