Starting the Dream at 36

I had major speed bumps and difficult times in my childhood and early adulthood. When I turned 30, things started to improve and gel. When I reached 36, things got downright amazing. 

In my 30’s, my job improved greatly. I finally achieved the knowledge and the style to perform my work as a banker to my satisfaction. By the time I reached 35, I was living independently, enjoying my job and spending quality time with friends. I was living in Northern California which was beautiful.  And yet, in the back of my mind, I knew that one day, I wanted to be back in Wisconsin.

 About this time I reconnected with an old friend that I had known for almost eighteen years. We saw each other casually for several months and started dating in the fall of 1985. This was a relationship that I had searched for all of my life. We were old friends first and fell in love second. 

I spent this time housesitting for homeowners at Silverado Country Club. Three months were spent in a beautiful home with a pool, elegant furnishings, and a housekeeper. My old friend Michael would join me when he could and sometimes brought his young daughter Kiley along. We were soon engaged on a trip to Carmel, under a full moon, at the beach. We spent a blissful spring and summer and married in Wisconsin in September 1986.

A year later we found out we were pregnant even though, I was told this was impossible. I was 39 when Matt was born. I went back to college, bought our first home, became a stay-at-home mom temporarily, and acquired our first dog. These events culminated with a move back to Wisconsin. Matt was now two years old. 

I had my dream. My soulmate, our son, our relocation to Wisconsin and the beginning of the life I had always prayed for. This set of events talks about the beginning of the best days in my life at that time. Now, I have to address the question of what age would I pick if I could be any age to be?. 

To relive these days would unquestionably by delightful. However, the years that followed must be given equal time. We enjoyed 36 years of marriage. Our son, Matt has grown into a great guy and the three of us have shared many adventures all over the country. We continue to remain close and to share special times. Being back with my Sidetracked Sisters has created memories that I wouldn’t give up. Michael passed away this year and while Matt and I miss him everyday, we both are looking forward to our next chapter. 

The easy answer to this topic would be to say I would choose to pick age 36. Being honest and transparent, I know that I wouldn’t want to miss a moment of what’s next for Matt and I, our Sidetracked Sisters, our families and the future in general. I choose to stay right where I am. I’m simply too curious to give up a moment of the life that lies ahead.

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