Seventy Ain’t So Bad

Have you ever reflected if you could be any age what would you pick?  After pondering this thought I have not been able to totally make a decision on this subject.

I thought that 17 would be a good age.  I had my driver’s license, a good part-time job, a steady boyfriend, and life was not without exciting possibilities out there.  I graduated from high school, was contemplating going on to school, eventually planned on getting married, and getting a good job – the sky was the limit.  But this time was a lot of insecurities.

Then I reflect on the age of say 26.  I was married, had two wonderful girls, had just given birth to my youngest, had a great job, and belonged to organizations where we had lots of friends and social activities.  Then really digging deep into those times I remember it was also a time when my husband had the good possibility that we would get transferred due to his job. It was stressful being a working mom of two, always concerned about money and the death of my father.  So, scratch this time as it was certainly great and horrible at the same time.

Then there was a long period of time, but I guess I love the age of 78.  It’s amazing what one year can make.  70 was really easier than 79 due to the health of my husband and myself.  At the age of 79, it is not uncommon to lose many friends and that is certainly concerning.  But, at 70 for myself, it means having ALL my family near to me, looking forward to retirement after having a really fulfilling job, and having my home plus two cottages on the water that I dreamed of for many, many years.  I feel having the knowledge acquired from years and years of learning has been very helpful in making me a complete person. 

So, with all that thought process I guess 70 was the great time of my life even without a 21-year-old body.

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