Simple As It Gets

simplifyWhen asked how I would simplify my life, I first need to think about the things that make it more complicated.  After identifying those items, I need to decide what the benefit is to changing that aspect.

House Clutter

I have a tendency to collect things (as I’ve written about before).  With my collections, comes a bit of clutter.  Cleaning up and purging some of those items would definitely be a way to simply my life, but I worry that I’d just focus on the possibility that I may sometime need the items that I’m purging.  

I recently purged most of my accumulated junk when I had the basement retiled.  That was the perfect opportunity to get rid of the extra baggage.  We went through every shelf in the storage room in addition to the kids’ toy room which was overflowing.  We ended up with 9 large construction bags of garbage and a number of other random piles of crap.


A lack of money puts another challenge in my life that could be rectified by having more of it.  But having more money isn’t a means of making things simpler.  It can be just a way to make your life more expensive. So – I don’t have a good solution to simplifying this aspect of my life.


For a long time, I was always jealous of people who had loads and loads of friends.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize that I benefit from having a few really close friends instead.  In the past, the multitude of friends seemed to be friends, but in reality, they weren’t.  It made my life much simpler to remove those toxic people from my life.  Now, I can focus my energy on the positive people in my life instead of the negative ones.

Furry Family

In my home, I currently have 2 Labradoodles (Lucy and Lily) and 4 cats (Cheese, Bleachy, Cheech and Chong).  The cats belong to Brad and Jess and when they move out, the cats will be going with them.  This will automatically make my life simpler, but it will also make things much more subdued.  The animals may make things more complex at my home when trying to feed them, go on vacation, etc, but they also provide daily entertainment.

As I look at the items on my list, it doesn’t seem as if I have too much to do to further simplify my life.  My extra junk is gone, the money is fine, the relationships are good and I’m not changing the pet situation until I have to.  So – I guess this is as simple as it gets

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