Simplifying is Boring and Overrated

simplifyingHow would I simplify my life?

I always feel that it would be a benefit to my sanity to simplify my life.  But, in reality, I don’t think I could handle or enjoy my chaotic life any other way.  

My life consists of two daughters, six grandchildren, and extended family and friends that mostly live near me.  This isn’t a negative by any scope of the imagination, but at times it does get crazy.  I laugh when I realize that on most days when I get up in the morning thinking how my day is going to go, it changes hour by hour.  This does keep me on my toes and makes for feeling needed, loved, and appreciated. An example of this is when I wake up and know I will go grocery shopping and make supper.  This will be my scheduled day.  But, actually, I might wake up with this plan in my head and will end up going to Madison to pick up an engagement ring requested by a grandson, go to Target and Costco, attend a school concert, and end up my day having to go to a fast food restaurant since time for eating my scheduled dinner has been overridden.

simplifyingI loved it when a dear friend who has passed used to call and say, “Let’s go shopping.  Will pick you up in half an hour”.  This might be stressful to some, but I found it to be refreshing and just plain fun and rewarding.

So, another way to simplify would be my need to collect items.  This usually consists of antiques and household decorations.  I love to find unique items and add them to my collection needed to help with the staging of my house and cabins.  It is really hard for me to go shopping and not find something that I have to have.  Cleaning becomes fun when a new picture or artifact that has just been purchased is waiting to find its forever home in my decorating schemes.

I have a tendency to fill up a house with items I love.  When thinking of downsizing I look around and truthfully can’t imagine getting rid of most of my treasures.  They say you should surround yourself with items you love and I have certainly done this.  I don’t collect clothes, shoes, glassware or china.  But, I do love architectural items and items that I feel are unique.  I don’t do ditsy little items.  I love the way out there kind of thing.  You know the large mirror with an outdoor rust-colored globe sitting in the middle of my dining room table.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t allow me to see the other side of the table, or the need to fit dishes while serving, but it makes me happy.

Unlike a hoarder, I don’t collect newspapers or magazines,  and I do clean my house and take out the trash papers, and garbage. So, to me simplifying my life is organizing bookwork and clothes.  I love to be organized, but I don’t believe simplifying my life would actually accomplish this.

Simplifying my life seems to make for a rather boring and uninteresting existence.   

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