Either You Love Country Music, Or You’re Wrong

soundSometimes, there is a sound or a song that I hear and I’m instantly transported back to an event or time in my life. Some of those events are great and others, maybe not so much, but still, those sounds are powerful in their ability to move my memory somewhere else.

Country Music

Anytime I’m on vacation with my family, it just doesn’t feel right if I’m not listening to country music.  Growing up, we would go camping, and dad would always have his little radio nailed to a tree playing his favorite country music.  You would hear dad singing or whistling along and it always gave me a warm feeling listening to him.

When we got the new cabin and were working on remodeling it, I couldn’t work alongside dad without turning on the country music myself.  As dad and I worked side by side, we would both sing along to the music, enjoying the work and happy to be together.


I’m laying in bed, snuggled in my warm down duvet with the cold, grey sky outside crackling with thunder and lightning.  I don’t have to get up just yet and can lay there enjoying the sound of the rain splattering on the roof. I’m cozy and safe in my bed, enjoying the sound of the world being washed clean.

Crickets at Night

When living with mom and dad, during the summer, I used to sleep in the patio and one of my favorite sounds to go to sleep to was the sound of the crickets chirping.  It would be completely dark outside and I’d be snuggled in my sleeping bag with just my face poking out. The crickets would be so loud, but it always gave me a feeling of peace and coziness.

My Children Laughing

soundThis is one that has evolved over the years.  It began as the sound of my kids playing together and enjoying each other and has evolved to just the sounds of us all being together again.  Hearing the voices of my kids and knowing that they enjoy being together melts my heart and gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

All of these sounds equate to some of my favorite things and each holds a special place in my heart.

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