From Crickets to Waves

Favorite sounds.  There are actually lots of them.  Life is full of so many different kinds of sound.  I can think of many that are not so pleasant such as a baby crying, car tires screeching, arguing and the list goes on.

Now, my favorite sounds are:

  1.  A mild thunderstorm with rain gently falling. I love to hear the soft sound of thunder and the rain falling. This is especially soothing to me when it is early morning and there is still time to stay in bed and doze.
  2. Another is the sound of children laughing and playing.  I also love to hear the crickets on a warm summer night.
  3. I loved the sounds of my girls practicing their flutes, each in separate rooms, just playing like no one was listening.
  4. I think my very favorite sound is the sound of the waves of the ocean, or in my case, Lake Michigan.  The sound varies daily depending on the weather.  Sometimes it is almost violent.  This gives me the feeling of turmoil, mystery, and excitement.  Then there are the gentle waves that offer me peace and solitude.  Hearing the changing sounds of water makes me feel adventuresome, peaceful, and excited.  The large bodies of water are so mysterious and constantly creating their own personality.  
  5. There are also the periodic fog horns from ships entering the ship canal.   These sounds feel like mourning, but still feel soothing.
  6. I  live across the street from a park.  I even love the sound of activity going on there.  It makes me feel like I am not alone.  I like seeing and hearing activity as people are  laughing and having fun.  Then, of course, there are the little leaguers yelling “batter, batter, batter.  When I first moved there it took me a while to become used to this.  Now it is a welcoming sound which means “it’s summer”.

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