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Now that I’ve left teaching (and my kids are back at school (no more Covid shutdowns–I hope) I am in the process of reinventing my life. 

Specifically, I’m working on developing a new career plan…and that begins with strategic daily routines and new avenues to create and contribute. One new addition to my life is something called “Sidetracked Legacies”.

My morning starts with getting up, putting on my exercise clothes, and spending a few minutes with my kids before they head off to school. Then I head out for a “momma jog” with the pups, Stella and Evie. I use this time to listen to podcasts. The two that I regularly tap into lately are “The Life Coach School” by Brooke Castillo and “Don’t Keep Your Day Job” by Cathy Heller. These are timely and interesting since I’m on the road to becoming a certified life coach and launching my own podcasts…soon! They hit me right where I’m at.

By the way, if you don’t really know what a podcast is, where you can listen, how to find them, and why you SHOULD listen…check out this short article.

Podcast Number 1

You may have noticed that I said podcast-s (more than 1). As I’ve shared before, beginning in January, I am launching “Midlife MasterClass” which is a podcast featuring conversations with people who have made changes after the age of 40 and who are leaning into midlife. It is for multi-passionate people interested in unapologetically crafting a passionate, purposeful, and beautiful midlife journey.

Podcast Number 2

Then, there is a podcast for Sidetracked Sisters. I know that many readers of this blog have been with us for a long time. Michelle, Sandy, Judy, and I have been writing and sharing with each other–and you–for 7 years! Now, we are ready to bring others in on our journey by setting up a membership writing community and a podcast called “Sidetracked Legacies”.

We, as women, need to write about our lives, our experiences, and the lessons we’ve learned! This is in acknowledgment of the gifts we have to offer as matriarchs. (A matriarch is the female head of a family.) The responsibility of a matriarch is vividly described in this interesting article and this TedEd video.

By listening to the Sidetracked Legacies podcast and joining the Sidetracked Legacy membership, we will encourage one another to get down our thoughts as a gift to our loved ones…and even future generations. 


People hear you on the level

you speak to them from.

Speak from your heart,

and they will hear with their heart.


-Marianne Williamson

The Trailer

Hello, this is the Sidetracked Legacies podcast. I am your host, Lisa Hoffman. Together with my sister Michell, my mom Sandy, and her sister Judy, we are the Sidetracked Sisters. We love to get together, support one another, laugh, and…write.

We’ve been getting together weekly for several years to share our lives with one another while writing for our “Sidetracked Sisters” blog.

This podcast is a place where we can encourage other women to get their lives, opinions, and lessons learned down on paper. We will be sharing our thoughts and offering tips on how you can uncover, communicate, and preserve your own stories, values, and wisdom. 

This is LEGACY work!

As mature women, we believe it is our obligation to influence future generations by leaving a record of our lives. It is our sacred responsibility to connect our children and grandchildren to the past, to family, and to community.

You can expect several episodes each week featuring different perspectives from us– Sidetracked Sisters.

We actually started this podcast because we believe that women have a deep need to belong, to be known, remembered, and to make a difference. Women want to bless and be blessed. We want to know that our lives mattered.

I hope you are ready to be nurtured and inspired to create your own LEGACY. Week by week, topic by topic, voice by voice we will share our legacy journies. Now It’s time for you to grab a journal or your laptop and get down your thoughts too.

What do you want others to remember about you?

Have you started something and hope that you want others to continue?

What truths does the world need YOU to share?

The Consumer becomes a Creator

When I commuted back and forth to my job as a teacher, I loved to listen to audiobooks and podcasts. Now that I no longer drive to work, I wanted to incorporate my listening habits into my new lifestyle. I never imagined that I would go from a listening aficionado to the bold architect of my own shows.

But even more exciting is that this isn’t a solo adventure, you’re invited to participate in the ride! 
Who is Lisa

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