What’s So Special About a Silly Apron?

Did you know that there is a day dedicated to “aprons” (November 24th)? I couldn’t help but reflect back on a very special apron that I have. I really don’t usually wear an apron, but way back in the day–like 1961–I was going with a guy (he is amazingly, still, my husband today)  that had a surprising skill that changed the way I will forever view the humble apron.


The Secret Ingredient?

Perhaps it was things like this secret talent that have kept a spark in our relationship.  He is forever surprising me one way or the other. 

Well, to explain why I am writing about a silly apron I need to point out that my husband, in addition to his many other talents, knows how to sew.  He proved this when he was a senior in high school and I was a sophomore–yes we were high school sweethearts.

We’re Gettin’ Married!

We were planning to get married shortly after graduation. He purchased a sewing machine for me as a Christmas present. Isn’t that romantic? Since he was bored on one of his sick days, he sewed me an apron on this sewing machine. ( I still have this apron and am proudly showing it off in this picture.) 

Farmer Boy

He lived on a farm and at that time they had feed bags that they frequently used to make clothes. (I imagine they were inexpensive and they came in designs.)  Well, he took one of the bags and proceeded to make me an apron.  This was special for me because I am left-handed and he actually put a pocket on the left-hand side of it.  Also, there is what is called rick-rack around the edges.  I was surprised at the detail that he put into putting this together.

This is not a talent that he boasts about, and will probably deny it if asked to elaborate.  He also knows how to embroider.  He says that he learned this talent from his mom and grandmother.  

You will probably see it hanging on one of my walls in a frame.  Isn’t that what you do with very special things?

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