Third Time is the Charm

third timeBeing the “baby” in a family of three girls had its benefits and downsides. My ideas and suggestions about things were often discounted because I was the “baby”. On the other hand, I learned to be flexible and to go with the flow. Continue reading

Save the Best for Last

I’m the youngest by 5.5 years of 2 girls in my family.  Mom always calls me her #1 #2.  Being the youngest had its pros and cons.  With a 5.5-year difference between Lisa and me, it sometimes felt like I was an only child.  When Lisa was 18 and going to college, I was only 13 and in 8th grade.   Continue reading

A Toddler With a Knife

It doesn’t matter if I want to do the thing or not…I still procrastinate. Procrastination often occurs when I’m tired and the activity takes some mental energy.

For example, I’m supposed to edit a post about..procrastination…for our Sidetracked Sisters blog…

I love taking pictures, looking at old photos, creating images using software, and posting on social media. But I still procrastinate! 

AND my procrastination strategies are SOOOOO sneaky! Continue reading

Just One More Chapter

I am an expert at procrastination.  I always have good intentions and look forward to accomplishing great things such as getting ready for holidays, special occasions, and just regular household activities.  But, I tend to find just about anything else to do instead of what I am supposed to do.  Yup, this is called procrastination. Continue reading

Laminated To-Do Lists

to-do listsI am the queen of procrastination.  No matter how hard I try or plan to be efficient and punctual, I always seem to fall short.  Whether it’s cleaning my house, working in the yard, or some other task I’m not fond of doing, I always seem to find better things to do with my time. Continue reading

Wants Before Needs

procrastinationProcrastination could or should be my middle name. When I was young and my mom was at work, there were certain things that had to be done before she came home. I was home alone and my pastime of choice was watching old movies. The duties I had could wait, especially if there was a Cary Grant or Clark Gable or Robert Mitcham movie on TV. I loved sitting with my back against the ottoman watching old classic movies. I would watch the clock and time it out so I could run around like a crazy person and get my tasks done before mom came home. Continue reading

My Favorite Halloween Candy

Thinking back to my trick-or-treating days, I have a hard time remembering details. I’m sure we must have gone trick-or-treating, but I’m also sure it was minimal. My favorite candy bar at that time was a Hershey Bar with almonds. I do remember that getting chocolate was the exception to the rule. More common were Life Savers or other less expensive candies. I remember a couple of years when we Trick-or-Treated for UNICEF. This never really took off because the concept was a mystery to most of the households. Continue reading

The Smarties Choice

halloweenHalloween is fast approaching and a surplus of Halloween candy is appearing in all the stores.  How to make a decision about what to purchase for those hungry goblins, ghosts, and scary witches is always a challenge.  Well, as most of us over the years have come to realize, we all have our favorites.  I happen to love candy corn.  I see it on the store shelf and my mouth drools.  Unfortunately, after I give in and purchase said candy corn I usually overindulge and manage to get an upset stomach.  This, of course, takes the joy out of this selection of candy. Continue reading

All Things Candy

I’m a fan of anything sweet, so I think the best part of Halloween has to be the candy!  From candy bars to smarties, there are not many types of candy I don’t like.   Continue reading

Don’t Mess With the Original

don't mess with the original

I know that back in the day, kids would go from house to house Trick-or-Treating with a pillowcase to collect candy–not even necessarily wearing costumes. Halloween, as we know it today, began in the 1930s with children receiving homemade cookies and pieces of cake, fruit, nuts, coins, and small toys. Continue reading