tap danceSeveral years ago, before Michael and I were married, I hung out with a group of people who were full of fun. The group consisted of 4 couples. We all had professional careers and we loved to go out together and be silly.

When we were together and things got too boisterous, the manager or owner would always come up to ME and say something like “YOU look responsible. Could you please ask your group to quiet down?”. I never understood why I was selected to be the disciplinarian. 

There was one thing that was a frequent hoot for the group. One of the fellas had been in the service. One night he and his buddies found themselves in a gay bar. One of the guys leaned into the group and whispered “Anyone who can’t tap dance is queer!”

Once this story had been told to our group, it became our mantra. We could be in a bar, a joint, a lovely restaurant or a dive. At any time, for any reason one of the eight would say “Anyone who can’t tap dance is queer! All eight of us would stand up and begin to dance. We would hoot and holler and think we were hysterical. This is when someone from the establishment would come up to me and ask me to please get the group to settle down.

We took this game so far as to have a trophy made of rocks in the shape of ducks with a sign that said “AWCTDIQ”. We would nominate someone in the group to receive the trophy. It was awarded at children’s weddings, birth of babies, graduations from college and many a serious happening. Part of the presentation included the command “AWCTDIQ” and all of us would tap dance at the most inappropriate of times.

We thought this was the funniest thing ever. Our enthusiasm was often not shared by our audience. We were not sensitive about our location. Church, hospital, auditorium or many other unlikely locations. YIKES!

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