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happy mindsetFor most of my life, I’ve heard people talk about their goals, and many of them say “I just want to be happy”. My opinion of this goal is that many people are not happy because they don’t choose to be happy. When you live your life with an attitude of happiness, you can weather difficult times and still remain in balance.

In spite of choosing happiness on a daily basis, I can still have thoughts that could bring me down. I have been known to have conversations with myself on this very topic. For example, when I walk into work in the morning, I make it a point to lift my head, put my shoulders back and put a smile on my face. The word I use to cap off my feeling is the word from the musical “Chicago”, when the narrator says “SHOWTIME!”. This means to me, “leave your troubles at the door and be the source of a smile for those you work around and with. 

happy mindsetAre there still items that put an extra sense of happiness in my day? Absolutely.

  • Seeing a child at play and laughing, giggling and having fun puts a smile on my  face. 
  • A bouquet of beautiful flowers triggers my happiness response.
  • I treasure when my dog seeks me out and when I talk to her and scratch her chest, she wags her tail and I see her eyes light up. Mine do the same.
  • When our son checks in with me each day to catch up and share our days, it’s a big smile maker.
  • When someone I have worked with and shared with in a compassionate way, tells me that I changed their life, my feelings are over the moon and I feel warm inside.
  • When a family member tells me that something I said to them or an action I took  made their day, I feel happy all over.
  • When I reflect on memories of life with my husband and our son, my happy response makes the world a better place.
  • A beautiful sunset or the full moon rising, can take me to a place of happiness and awe.

Happiness is a state of mind and that mindset makes the world a better place for me.

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