No Laughing at the Dinner Table

Mom and Dad had some interesting phrases that they repeated on numerous occasions.

Dad #1

One of our favorite parts of the day was when the family got together in the dining room for dinner Something would hit one of our funny bones and we would start laughing. Next, the whole table was laughing and joking. Dad would seriously interject “Cut it out or someone is going to be crying soon”. The sad part was that he was often right. He would get impatient with the frivolity and one of us would get in trouble. Then the tears would start.

Dad #2

I used to love to debate with Dad. I didn’t consider it arguing but apparently, he did. When he felt backed into a corner, his next phrase was “Don’t talk back to me young lady”. At that point, I had to stop debating and quietly leave the discussion.

Dad #3

Dad was not a big fan of yard work and he liked having helpers. If he were trimming bushes or cleaning the garage, he wanted everyone to help him. If we weren’t joining him, he would say “If I don’t get some help soon, I’m going to sell this place and we’ll move to an apartment”. I grew to adulthood thinking living in an apartment was a fate worse than death. I actually had several lovely apartments that I enjoyed.

Mom #1

The only phrase I can remember from Mom was about going somewhere when she really didn’t want us to go. One afternoon after begging to go to the beach she said in frustration “OK, you can go, but if you drown, I’m never going to let you go again”. We both were silent at this point and then burst out laughing at the silliness of what she said.

Mom #2

She also had a phrase I never quite understood. If I said I wanted to do something or buy something or go somewhere and she didn’t quite know how to respond, she would say “Oh, you do huh” or “Oh, you did, huh”. I never could and never will understand what she meant and “No, I didn’t, huh!”

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