Did You Know Snow is Cold?


I’ve always assumed that when snow is mentioned, we all understand its characteristics. It’s wet, white, made up of individual flakes, and, of course, very, very cold.

My stepdaughter Kiley was raised in California and often talked about wanting to build a snowman.  When she was three years old, my husband and I planned a trip to Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe. It was only a three-hour drive from our home in Napa. I was pregnant so I decided skiing wouldn’t be a good idea. Michael was anxious to hit the slopes, so Kiley and I decided to go outside the lodge and build a snowman.

snowAt first, her enthusiasm was electric. She was dressed warmly in her snowsuit, boots, hat, and nice warm mittens. We started rolling snowballs to make the snowman’s body. I was busily rolling and packing snow. I looked over at Kiley and there were huge tears rolling down her face. I was surprised and asked what was wrong. I knelt in the snow and pulled Kiley onto my lap. Through her tears she sobbed “Judy, I didn’t know that snow was so cold!” I never thought to prepare her for this side of snow. I took for granted that she knew.

snowWe made a few snowballs and had a minor snowball fight and then I asked if she’d like to go back inside and warm up by the fire. A smile came to her face and she said “Yes” in an excited voice. We spent the rest of our snow venture by the fireplace, drinking hot cocoa with marshmallows. Kiley decided it was a little fun to play in the snow but she preferred snuggling by the fire, sipping cocoa, and reading stories.

We watched Michael come down the slope and stow his skis. He came inside and asked how Kiley liked the snow. She said she liked snuggling by the fire with her hot chocolate better. 

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