Big Snow

snowSnow memories are so different than things are today.  First of all, we actually had a lot of snow, not the one to two inches we have lately.  Even this closes schools, businesses, you name it, for being bad weather, it is nothing like we used to have.

When I lived at home we had drifts that would actually go halfway up the windows of our home.  We would go out late at night when it was still snowing and proceed to shovel.  This always ended up in sliding down our driveway which was a steep hill.  With big flakes and the quiet with the snow falling it created a special lovely feeling.

We would also during the day make snow forts.  This was always done at the end of the driveway where a lot of snow was piled up from the snow plow and our shoveling.  It seems kids like to create areas to tuck themselves in and we were no different.  I bet today this would be considered a hazard, but we made it and it was a wonderful memory.

snowWhen I had my first child, Lisa, we were sledding on the girl scout hill.  It was slippery, icy snow and there was lots of sledding going on.  First of all my husband and two friends put their toboggan into a tree, spraining one of their feet, and requiring a pair of bedroom slippers to be worn to work the next day.  Then Lisa and her friend were on a sled.  They were about two, went flying down the hill and we all noticed they were headed straight into a snow fence.  Each had this blank stare on their faces looking for help before they SMACKED right into the fence.  They were fortunately not hurt, just confused, and I was mother of the year, laughing hysterically.  (Did I say I should never have reproduced????)

When I had my second daughter just to show you how much snow we actually had, I couldn’t get out the front door of our Cherokee Road house to go to work.  There was so much snow in front of our house.  So, my mom drove to the back of Cherokee Circle to pick us up.  In order to accomplish this I had to drag my baby by the collar of her snowsuit and drag her on top of the snow drifts to get to the car.

Now that is snow.

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