Can Netflix Binging be Considered Self-Care?

netflixI’ve never really thought much about self-care until recently.  Previously, I feel like I just did certain things because I liked them.  Now, I try to more consciously perform some self-care. Here is a list of the items I’m currently doing to take care of myself.Eating right and mindfully

Last year, I joined a group called No BS Weight loss.  One main philosophy is to stop eating when you are satisfied. Don’t continue until you are stuffed.  Also, there is a crazy thing that happens between your brain and your stomach.  They actually talk to each other and your stomach will tell your brain when it’s hungry.  If you aren’t hungry – guess what??  You don’t have to eat!!

Going to bed early

I’ve found that I function much better each day when I get a solid 7-8 hours of sleep.  Some people in my family can get by with MUCH less, but not me.  I have been trying to get to bed each night between 10 – 11 pm so I can rest and relax and prepare for the following day.

Binge-watching tv-shows

NetflixThis is my guilty pleasure.  I LOVE to binge-watch tv shows instead of waiting a full week or longer to watch the next episode.  When I’m feeling particularly stressed out, you’ll probably find me on the couch watching my latest favorite show.  I’ve actually binge-watched a few 17-season shows multiple times!!

Listen to music/podcasts

When I’m walking (the few times I do) or working in the yard, I find I can’t fully enjoy it unless I’m listening to something.  It could be my favorite walking music (something with a good beat) or the Sidetracked Legacies podcast, but I can’t do it if there is silence.

Get life coaching

Lisa recently received her Life Coach certification and we are now in the midst of a 10-week coaching endeavor.  I find this very therapeutic to be working thru some of my issues and working on the assignments she gives me weekly.  

Taking a nap

This is another guilty pleasure of mine that I don’t get to do quite as often as I’d like.  Personally, I could take a nap each and every day, but then I’d get nothing done.  Ever.  So – I’ve reserved this self-care technique for only the days when it’s really required.

Having lunch with the girls

About every other week, I get together with my BFFs and we have lunch either at a random restaurant or just get together at someone’s house.  I look forward to letting my hair down (metaphorically speaking) and sharing some quality time with them.  We are able to share, empathize, offer advice and just be available for each other.



Golfing with one of my BFFs

This year, one of my BFFs talked me into joining the Ladies Golf League and each Wednesday, we go golfing.  It’s great humor as both she and I are NOT pro golfers.  Between the two of us, before this year, we’d only golfed about 10 times in our lifetimes.  There are lots of swings and misses, but there is also lots of laughter.

Self-care can be so different for each individual, but I think if I continue my physical self-care in addition to the emotional stuff, I’ll be in good shape for the years to come.

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