Drunk on the Beach

beachSelf-care is actually a way of life for me.  I tend to do the things I like even when there are many things on my agenda that I put off as I don’t enjoy them. So, while looking over the list of topics that I have written down that is my self-care I feel that I mostly do self-care on a regular basis.  For one biggy, I hang out at our home away from home in Door County, WI.  This is true now that we’ve completed our renovation project of a cabin that we purchased next door to our cottage.  I love spending time there.  It lets me unwind and feel serene.  Sitting by the water, reading my book, drink in hand, can be just the ticket for self-care.

I also take time to do things spontaneously, mostly with friends.  I am not a great planner so impromptu outings are definitely fun for me.

beachI love spending time with my grandkids.  I have had the best opportunities with each and every one of them as they all live in the area where we reside.  The most recent opportunity that totally helped me cope and make me happy was having my youngest granddaughter stay overnight and spend the whole next day with me.  It was the best time of my week and I absolutely needed for me to decompress.

I do take a lot of time to read.  I find that reading can help me in so many ways.  It offers me an escape from any troubles or concerns that I might have pending at the time.  Gardening is also a great way that I spend, and I consider this taking care of my mental and physical health.  Not to mention walking the dog.  I might say this is only considered self-care when the weather cooperates.

beachA very important thing I do for myself is spending lots of summertime on my patio at home.  I especially love to spend time out there in the mornings.  Just sitting, enjoying the beginning of a day with the birds singing and the sun shining gives me great pleasure.

It is important to take care of yourself and I find now that I have retired, this is actually a lot easier to do.  When you work you have schedules and deadlines which caused a lot of stress.  Having free time to do what you need to do for yourself is very gratifying.

Lastly, I love to create and decorate.  I also find this to help me find a good place.  It gives me a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.  

These items are my passion and definitely make for self-care to me…

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