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I never thought I would have children, so before the blessed event, I used to piggyback on my sister’s two girls. Appearance-wise, there was a time when the four of us looked very much alike. We were in a Chinese restaurant in Oakland, California one night. When the waitress approached our table, she looked around at the four of us and said “four people, same face!” We had a good laugh and decided the waitress was very observant. When my one and only child, a son, was born I was impressed at how cute he was as a baby. I, on the other hand, was born two months early and was shriveled up and my uncle said “downright ugly”. So began the differences between Matt and me.looking alike

Matt always knows what he wants and has no trouble making decisions. I, on the other hand, seldom can make up my mind and when I do, I second guess myself. Matt has an amazing memory. I always tease him that he took mine and he’ll have to help me remember things as we grow older.

As Matt started to grow, he had the same white-blonde hair that I had when I was young. He was always very sensitive and did not take well to teasing. Neither do I. He grew more and more stubborn as time went on and I couldn’t deny this trait. According to Matt, rules were made to be followed. He was a firm believer in following the rules. I felt the same way although I always said it was because I could never get away with anything. If I tried to bend the rules, especially at home, I always got caught.

I taught Matt about money when he was about eight. For several weeks after, every time I wrote a check at the grocery store or the drug store, he would lean over and ask if we had enough money to cover that check. I was a bit critical of myself for teaching him money lessons so early.

looking alikeMatt has always been a loner.  He enjoys spending time doing what he enjoys. He does not need a bunch of people around to have a good time. On the other hand, he enjoys interactions with his customers and close friends. He also enjoys down time. I am very much the same way.  I enjoy meeting and talking with people and at the same time, I have a need for down time as well.

Opinions are very strong in Matt’s world. He states his opinion and backs it up with facts. Sometimes, I disagree, but he can almost always win me over with his logic and facts. His Dad says he gets this from me. I say it’s from him.  Maybe we’re both right.

In the area of food, Matt and I are very much alike. His taste is extremely varied. He will test and try almost anything. This is a trait that he shares with me and his dad. As a middle schooler, his favorite food was asparagus. Go figure!

The older Matt gets, the more he resembles my side of the family. He has a high forehead and a long oval face. He has always been on the slender side. This is a trait that ran in my family when we were younger. Matt bears a resemblance to my cousin John and to my dad. Matt and his stepsister Kiley have always been told how much they look alike and people have often mentioned that Kiley resembles me.  I really think this comes from the fact that we both have light hair. I think it’s really a case of “guilt by association”.looking alike

Of course, as I write this opinion, I also have people tell me that Matt looks just like his dad. They do share some features and use many of the same thought processes. I like to think that Matt has the best of both of us. Opinions to the contrary may be expressed but not necessarily accepted!

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