Two Halves Make a Whole

same differentThe same or different.  I have two girls, or I should say my husband and I have two girls. If you split me in half, you would have each girl, making one complete person, me.  To me, the girls look very different, yet it is often felt that they look the same.  One is blonde, or is supposed to be, and the other daughter is brunette.   One daughter has very fair skin and the other has more of an olive skin. One daughter has the coloring of my older sister, and the other daughter has the coloring of my younger sister.  It’s fun to see which members of the family they both resemble, as there are parts of all members of the family.

same differentThe differences and likes of my oldest daughter are like me in that she loves nature, animals of any kind, traveling, gardening, and creating.  She likes just about any kind of food, not afraid to try anything.  My youngest daughter hates gardening, dislikes being outside, for the most part, loves watching movies, and is a very picky eater.  If it is green she won’t touch it  

Lisa loves walking, running, and doing whatever it is to be fit.  Michelle hates exercise and finds any excuse she can come up with not to do this.  

Like me, they are both great procrastinators.  We all have that down pat.

same differentMichelle is a fabulous organizer.  Lisa not so much.  Lisa has the ability to accomplish just about anything by just setting her mind to it.  Michelle sometimes needs a little push.  (Actually, she is getting much better at this.)

I find my girls to be fun, wonderful individuals and when the three of us are together I actually feel happy and complete.

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