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Midlife MasterClass

You will be able to tune into the podcast beginning January 2022.

I’m starting a podcast called “Midlife MasterClass”.

A couple of weeks ago I asked for help in choosing between two podcast covers. One cover was a bold graphic design and the other was more personal with a picture of me. The overwhelming choice was the more personal picture. Thank you to everyone who commented and messaged me with encouragement.

Now I’m on to phase 2…the trailer for my podcast.

Midlife MasterClass Trailer

Hello everyone! This is the Midlife MasterClass podcast. I’m your host Lisa Hoffman.

I am a mom who grew my family through adoption, a woman striving to keep her 20+ year marriage fresh and vibrant, a midwestern small business owner, a blogger with Sidetracked Sisters, and a recently retired educator moving into my next chapter.

I’ve always looked at life as a series of choices and challenges that have led me to where I’m at and to where I’m supposed to be next.

Now I’m looking at midlife through that lens.

This podcast is about people exploring and celebrating major midlife changes.

You can expect to hear from me each week. I’ll be sharing interviews and personal stories from authors, influencers, and everyday people who have made big midlife changes. They have used existing skills and interests and reinvented what it means to live a purposeful life. 

I started this podcast because I believe that when you are over 40, it’s TIME (you’re older and wiser–right?!) to move forward and to create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

No more excuses,

blame, or confusion.

No more past focus.

This podcast is for multi-passionate people who are interested in unapologetically crafting a passionate, purposeful, and beautiful midlife journey.

It is NOT for those who are looking to “settle in”, live on autopilot, or are interested in a comfortable and complacent life experience.

Instead, we’ll lean into midlife. It is a time when our challenge is to consciously grow, create, AND contribute.

Now, listen up and prepare to be inspired. Midlife is the PERFECT time to listen to your heart and become the force that you were always meant to be!

So What?

Okay, so that’s the trailer or introductory episode of the Midlife Masterclass podcast. But you may be wondering, “Whoa, sounds cool, but where is this going? Why should I check this out?”

Well, I’m so glad that you asked!!! Here are four answers:

  1. It’s hard to know what’s possible or how to make changes if you don’t personally know or see someone else doing it. If you don’t see others in your immediate community stepping out, moving toward fresh goals, and valuing change and growth more than contentedness, you might think that “this is all there is”.
  2. You might think that you need to have something “special” to move more fully into your purpose. But you actually find your purpose by being willing to be uncomfortable and by showing up and putting yourself out there. This podcast will highlight people who are no more or less special than you and who are doing interesting and sometimes uncomfortable things to grow and contribute.
  3. Are you yearning for “more” something in your life? That desire is the actual map of where you need to go and what you need to do. Midlife MasterClass highlights people who have acted on their yearnings and can speak to others about what the journey feels like and how you too can join in the adventure of becoming more of who you were meant to be.
  4.   Maybe you are ready for more and the podcast lights a spark in you. Well, then the podcast will also provide information on how to move forward. There will be a private Facebook group for people who are interested in talking with others on this journey and opportunities for coaching. 

Coaching…what do you mean?

Midlife MasterClass

In November 2021, I was traveling from Barcelona, Spain, through France and into the teeny, tiny, marvelous country of Andorra.

As many of you know, I retired from teaching. I’ve always known that I wouldn’t teach forever and years ago I jumped into my family’s retail business for a couple of years before going back to the classroom. But now, after spending 30 years in education, I’ve gained and developed so many skills that I want to bring with me into my next career. This desire and exploration have led me to Life Coaching. I began working toward becoming a certified life coach and will soon be looking for people who are wanting help to (as I said in the trailer) unapologetically craft a passionate, purposeful, and beautiful midlife journey. But, I’m getting sidetracked. There will be more information on this later…

I am so excited about the Midlife MasterClass podcast!!!

So…if you are someone who has made a big midlife change, or if you know someone who has used existing skills and interests and reinvented what it means to live a purposeful life, please message me. I would love your suggestions and recommendations. 

Thank you!

This is going to be an exciting adventure leaning into midlife–


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