Gratitude or Appreciation? You get to choose..

gratitude or appreciationGratitude or appreciation…

When I was a little girl my parents taught me to always say “please” and “thank you” when appropriate. I can remember if I forgot, Mom would say “what do you say?” and the correct answer was ”thank you”.  When we learn these words, often the true meaning and importance is lost on us. As children, we don’t necessarily understand the emotion of appreciation that is supposed to be tied to the words. Now as adults, we still bypass the simple, daily act of thankfulness. But being grateful is a habit that will always serve us well throughout our lives. Always.  gratitude or appreciation

When we are disappointed or feeling down, maybe this is the perfect time to show our gratitude for a valuable lesson learned. I have often said that joy and sadness are the opposite sides of a spinning coin and their contrast creates a rich tapestry to add depth and meaning to our lives. Instead of calling anything that doesn’t go our way, bad, what if we found a valuable lesson in the situation and showed our gratitude instead. I feel this constant battle between appreciation versus completion within myself. Can you relate?


When we pray, couldn’t we express our gratitude for all of the blessings we have been given rather than asking for favors and more things? I imagine that the sound of a grateful prayer sounds loudly among all of the requests for more and better. 

Words of Appreciation

If we express our gratitude to others for their kindness and their sharing of their lives and gifts, what does this do to expand and grow our relationships? We are living in a world today that seems to have forgotten the power of a sincere please and thank you. It seems we are all so driven to be right and to have more than another person has, we forget to celebrate the beauty of a friend’s success.  Their success does not take away from our successes.  In fact, it creates a synergy that enables both of us to grow and enjoy our lives more fully. 

Come Dream With Me

It is time for us to come together and appreciate the many gifts we all have been given.  Gratitude and appreciation will serve our planet, our communities, our homes, our families, our opportunities for growth, our health, and even our ability to help others. It will lead to a habit where we continue to show appreciation. We are quick to judge and slow to appreciate the people in our world.  Is there a possibility that if we practiced acceptance and joy, we might be more accepted and joyful? Some people might call me a dreamer. That’s fine with me.  Truthfully, I enjoy my dreams much more than the nightmares that others create for themselves and others. I am truly grateful for all of you and look forward to sharing your successes as we move forward together.  Truly.Who is Judy

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