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Orange case phone and glasses cell etiquetteI resisted having a cell phone for years. The thought of having a phone “on me” all the time gave me the creeps.   Then I took a job out of town that took me away from home at all different hours and in all different seasons, rain and snow and I gave in.   

Before I knew it, I had just the “right” cell phone. My blackberry even had to match my glasses. In no time at all I was hooked. I couldn’t leave home without it.

Then one day (years later), I experienced a 180 degree turn around about cell phone usage and etiquette.  I would go to a lovely restaurant for lunch with friends and no one would speak. They were all too busy checking Facebook and other stuff. I’d look around at other tables and see the same behavior. I often relied on a friendly waiter or waitress to join me in conversation.

Next, I would be out with my family. Our Son spent the evening checking sports scores and messaging friends and my husband’s phone would ring frequently requiring him to leave the table or the room because he “had to take this call”.  It was tantrum time for me. I ranted at anyone that would listen about the misuse of cell phones.

Today, I refuse to let my cell phone boss me around. If I am out with friends or family, I put my phone on vibrate and check for messages or calls when we have finished. Fortunately, my husband has also burned out on cell phones and does not allow his to interrupt our time together. I am still working on our son. Not sure if I will ever succeed.

My Requests

  1. If you see I’ve called you several times, please call me back. A text message will do if you are tied up and can’t return my call.
  2. If you have a cell phone and you’ve asked me to call or return a call, please have it with you and answer it when it rings.
  3. When you are in the grocery store please use your cell phone considerately. Do not block aisles and ignore other shoppers while you are having a lengthy conversation.
  4. If you are walking the dog, please walk the dog. The cell phone adds chaos and distracts from the attention you are paying to your furry friend. They deserve your full attention.
  5. This also applies to pushing a stroller or even going for a walk. Enjoy the experience. In my opinion, the cell phone can wait.
  6. If you are driving, please drive without including the cell phone. Not only is this a dangerous distraction, it is also annoying to other drivers.

I still prefer live human contact over a cell phone call. I recognize the comfort of having a cell phone with me when I’m lost or have that occasional emergency. I appreciate the convenience. Like other conveniences, it can be overdone.

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