The Magic of Christmas

Early Christmas 1955When I think of Christmas, I remember all of the joy of being a child and feeling the magic of Christmas. There was the night I heard footsteps on the roof and I just knew that Santa and his reindeer were there. As I dozed off to sleep that night, I was sure I saw Rudolph’s bright red nose leading the sleigh onward and upward.

Another memory I have is the annual occurrence of my sister Sandy stalling to come to bed. She would stay in her bathrobe and I would finally give in to sleepiness and close my eyes. At the time, I didn’t realize that this always happened a few weeks before Christmas. The very next morning, we would go downstairs to see the most beautiful Christmas Tree ever in the living room. The tree was part of our Christmas surprise as long as we believed.

New flannel, snuggly, soft pajamas always appeared under the tree. How I loved when it was time to put our gifts away and the PJs could be christened. We didn’t put anything away until we had our chance to show off our special gifts.

The week between Christmas and New Year was the time when all of our relatives would come to visit and we would show what we had gotten for Christmas. It was a special time. Out came Mom’s Christmas cookies and candy. It was a treat to visit with friends and relatives that we rarely saw the rest of the year.

I remember the wonder and closeness that we all shared at Christmastime. The memories of those Christmas’s past fill my mind every year and fill my heart with the warmth of this special season. They add a foundation to the new memories we are forming year after year.

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