Making Christmas Cookies

Making Christmas cookies has always been an important part of our holiday traditions.  When Grandma Is was around – she would make all the cookies herself and gather the kids to decorate them (Lisa and I).

The kids were not allowed to frost the cookies or touch them.  The only thing we could do was to put the colored sugars on them.  If any cookies broke during the process – we had to give those back to grandma so she could do surgery on them and glue the pieces back together with frosting.  The night of cookie making had strict rules that were enforced:  no licking your fingers, no eating cookies, and no mass sugaring of cookies.

A few years after having my own kids, grandmas finally decided it was time for me to take over the cookie-making job.  She came to my house one day and proceeded to direct me on how to make the cookies.  As I rolled out the dough, she would dictate if the dough was too thick or too thin.  If I needed to take the cookies out of the oven or if I was moving too slow.  She didn’t do much that day, except to direct me on what I needed to be doing.

Now that grandma is gone, Lisa and I have continued the tradition of cookie making with the kids, but we’ve expanded our tolerance to allow for the kids to help us make the cookies.  We still strictly enforce the rules:  no licking of fingers and no eating of the cookies during decorating time.

But let’s have fun!!  LOL!!

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