Let the Hysteria Begin

When I was a kid, I would love to decorate for the holidays. My Mom always let me do my creative things. I would put evergreens wherever I could find a place.  I would put my little sister to bed, (this was not an easy task, as she was always suspicious) then I would sneak downstairs and help decorate the tree which Santa had brought.


Christmas was such a magical time.  It was a time for baking cookies, which Mom would never let us eat until a much later date.  There was definitely no snitching.

We would go to our grandmother’s house on Christmas Eve and open our presents on Christmas morning.  The holiday always lasted until January 6th,  which I believe is Three Kings’ day. The time between Christmas and New Year’s Eve was the time friends and relatives would come and visit us and see our presents.  This was a time to enjoy the holidays and I don’t remember ever seeing trees on the curb on December 26th!

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