Perfect Time for Gratitude

gratitude quoteSometimes I get really down and crabby. This has been one of those times for me, so tonight when we decided to express our “Gratitude List”, I felt like the timing was perfect. Coincidentally, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I think the “Universe” is telling me to be grateful and thankful.

I realize that my greatest lessons have actually come from the most challenging and difficult times in my life. I am truly grateful for my resilience and my ability to be strong and to come back even when circumstances feel like I’m drowning in despair.

For years, I struggled with the question of having a family. I was told that it wasn’t possible for me. When I looked to other sources of happiness and gratification, surprise, I found out that we were pregnant. No medical intervention is required. I was in awe and the rewards were amazing. I am truly grateful for this miracle.

Over the years, I have been distraught by the loss of those I love. My oldest sister, my Dad, My Mom, my Grandparents and yet, every day, I am reminded of the special bond and special memories I shared with these people. I am so grateful for whatever time I had with each of them.

I have had numerous experiences of living away from my family. Circumstances took me away. Today, I am grateful for the growth I experienced and the lessons I learned during these times.

Tonight, as we prepare for Thanksgiving, I am most grateful for being back home with all of those that I love. My heart is filled with gratitude for my wonderful husband, my close family, and my friends. I value my life today. I am grateful for my ability to appreciate the negatives and the positives.

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