Calm First to Appreciate More

A gratitude list implies that I have numerous things to be thankful for…

I do have ALL these things…and more. But besides the labels, I so often get bogged down in the everyday go. Go. GO. of life.

So often a word or another person’s influence will throw my life into a tailspin. Nothing big, mind you, but it is shocking to me how thrown off I regularly become by others’ problems, needs, and opinions.

This brings the background when I say that something I am most grateful for lately is happy, peaceful, calm.

I appreciate the hum of traffic in the morning when I’m walking in the dark with Stella.

I am thankful for the soft conversation and music as I drank coffee this morning at a local coffee shop.

I am grateful for the wind and waves when I’m on the beach at the cabin.

Calm. For 10 minutes every day (lately), I close my eyes and meditate in the corner of my classroom.  I focus on the space between my eyes behind my forehead and just breathe. It calms and focuses my energy.

I don’t know that I’ve ever appreciated and worked to incorporate peaceful calm into my life as consistently as I have lately. Maybe with my advanced age 🙂 I know that I don’t have time for depression, exhaustion, and wasting my energy running in circles.

I am blessed with so much. But when I have that peaceful calm feeling, the more I appreciate everything else.

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