What I’m Grateful For

GratefulHave you ever created a gratitude list?  This seems like an appropriate time of the year to do this kind of thing.  (Although – you shouldn’t save this idea for only this time of the year)

There are so many things that I could put on my gratitude list.  I’m sure I’ll miss a few, but here is my start to the list:

  1. My family.  I’m so grateful for my family.  They’ve supported me thru lots of trials and tribulations over the years and they continue to love me throughout everything.  (My two BFFs are part of this group because they are WAY more than just friends!!)
  2. My kids.  I have 3 wonderful kids that I love with all my heart.  Some days they really put me thru it, but without them, my life would be empty.
  3. My friends.  I’m lucky to have wonderful friends that love me no matter what.
  4. My health.  I’m very grateful to be a healthy person.  I do need to do more to keep myself that way, but we’ll save that for another post.
  5. My house.  I’m grateful to have a beautiful home to keep me and my family safe from the outside world.
  6. My mind.  I’m grateful to have a fully functional mind that can help me thru the rough patches and afford me the ability to possess a job.
  7. God.  I’m grateful to have God in my life, guiding me thru life’s journey.

I know I’ve missed a bunch of things, but this is just my start of a list.

I actually downloaded an app on my phone entitled Gratitude 365.  My intention was to go into the app every day and write down at least one thing I was grateful for on that particular day.  Unfortunately, I fizzled out doing that every day, but I think I’m going to revisit that idea.

How many of us actually sit down and really think about what we are grateful for?  I know some people do, but I’m sure there are many that don’t give it a second thought.

I wonder what my kids would write on their gratitude lists.  I hope that I’m included somewhere on theirs.  Maybe some days I am, but who knows…  Should I ask them?

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