Driving in the Fog

2018-08-22_9-27-58I’ve always used the metaphor of “driving in the fog” as a way to go as far as you can see and then you’ll see farther, or what’s next?

The drive from Waterloo, Iowa to Beaver Dam, Wi could often be full of foggy sections or just plain socked in with fog. My ex-husband was famous for driving too fast, no matter what the weather was doing. We would often argue about “Please slow down” or “Look out for the curves in the road!!”

One night, coming back to Waterloo after a great weekend at my home in Beaver Dam with my family, it was muggy, hot and so foggy, you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. My ex insisted on driving, even though he was in a horrible mood and angry at me for one of his hundreds of reasons.

I was terrified and was continually asking him to slow down. Each time I would ask, he would speed up. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a stop sign, and then I saw us passing the stop sign without stopping. We seemed to be at a T in the road and yet we hadn’t stopped. I couldn’t breathe and I could not remember what was on the other side of the T!

I screamed as our tires left the ground and our car soared through the air. I was praying to anyone who would listen. All of a sudden, our wheels touched gravel and as we slid sideways. I could see a Truck Stop in our headlights. He stood on the brakes and we stopped inches from the building.

I couldn’t speak. When my voice returned, I ordered him to get out of the car. I drove the rest of the way in silence. He didn’t say another word.

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