Missing Child

BradleyBradley was 1.5 years old and I had to go to the store to return a pair of pants.  I figured while we were there, we would take his annual Christmas picture.  All went fine during the picture, so it was time to return the pants.

We went to JCPenney’s and I started the return process.  I smiled down at Bradley and then looked at the clerk to tell her what I needed to do.  I then looked down at Bradley and, to my horror, he was gone.  I glanced around, thinking he had just started to wander.  He was nowhere to be seen.

The clerk and I both started looking around.  I was getting more and more frantic, calling out his name.  We started asking other people around us if they had seen a little boy.  No one had seen anything.

The feeling of terror I had was indescribable.  I couldn’t imagine this was happening.  Finally, after what seemed to be hours, but was only about 5 minutes, Bradley was found.  He was happily spraying perfume on himself over by the cosmetics counter!!  A clerk from that area had found him and brought him to us and the commotion we were making.

The clerk and I (with Bradley firmly in my arms) returned to our transaction, but by that time, I was so stressed out that I decided to forget the return and I simply went home with Bradley and the pants.

Now – every time I see the adorable picture of Bradley from that shopping trip, I remember the adventure that took place shortly thereafter.

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