Gardening is Not My Favorite Thing

hqdefaultEveryone has decided to write about gardening.  What do I have to write about gardening?  I hate gardening!!  Mom always tells me that as a kid, I loved to garden.  No – I loved to plant a few flowers for her.  That is what I liked to do.  I don’t like the weeding, the soil preparation, the watering.  Ugh.  It’s a never-ending job!!  Now, granted – I DO love the end result when someone else does it for me.  (aka Mom – “Thanks Mom!!”)

I’d love to be able to hire all my yard work to be done.  Someone to mow, edge, weed, plant, rake, mulch and maintain.  I’ll do the other stuff – like pick it all out and tell them what to do!!  (the more I write – the more I like the whole sound of that!)

I also hate bugs.  Mosquitoes absolutely LOVE me and bug spray does nothing to get rid of them.  And then there are the little gnats that buzz around your face and head.  Ugh!  Drives me crazy.

Maybe part of it is just a feeling of overwhelm, but I sincerely dread all the yard work that needs to be done.  It all makes me tired to think about it.  Maybe I’ll try taking just a small piece of the puzzle each day to accomplish the tasks.  (I’ll probably just take a nap instead)  I just know that I like instant rather than delayed gratification!  I need to work on adjusting my train of thought.

How do you handle things when you are overwhelmed?  How do you handle things that you have to do that you are dreading?  Any words of wisdom for me?

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