Clutter Be Gone!

Clutter in my life takes many forms. My main living spaces are clutter-free. My bedroom, kitchen, and living room are clear of clutter. I can’t stand it any other way.  I am a pick-up as I go kind of girl.  (Please don’t count the dust and dog hair)

Then we go to infrequently used spaces.  My hobby room, basement, exercise room…Now, let’s talk clutter.  I recently moved to Wisconsin from Colorado and was completely overwhelmed with the clutter and stuff I have acquired over the past many years.  Clothes I can’t let go of, paper I’m afraid to throw away, keepsakes that have accumulated everywhere with memories attached except never to be found again.  For me, a cluttered room becomes a project.  An unweeded garden becomes a project and I seem to be lacking the tenacity to get in, organize and turn the cluttered space into usable space and beautiful areas.

I must say for me, my most heinous clutter is mental clutter.  This is the stuff that has happened over my lifetime that holds me back and keeps me from being the confident, forward moving person I know I could be.  This includes ancient hurts from long past “friends”, hurtful put downs from thoughtless bosses, and insults from those that really shouldn’t matter that overshadow the wonderful compliments and positive feedback I have received in my lifetime.

Clutter be gone!!  As I work on each area one space at a time, I will work on my mental clutter as well.  It’s never too late to remove the mess and to let go of the mental stuff that brings me down.  I am in a new home, a new job and a new environment surrounded by people I love…It’s a perfect time to unclutter my life.

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2 thoughts on “Clutter Be Gone!

  1. So now do you admit that you did the right thing by letting go of your Pendelton plaid pants a few years ago that you hadn't worn since 1975? I thought that I would never again help you purge clutter from your closet/life again, but if you've turned over a new leaf, well…

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