Clutter or Decorations?

Clutter makes my butt feel big!!!! Having a lot of clutter around makes me feel weighted down and out of control, depressed and rather hysterical.

I think I hate clutter and love it at the same time if that is possible.

There is big clutter and little clutter, good clutter and bad clutter.  I hate little clutter a/k/a dirt, crap, etc.  My husband feels my good stuff “good clutter” can be classified as just plain clutter.  Dirt can be considered clutter and I hate that.  Nothing feels better to me then having things neat and tidy.  But, then this gives me additional space and time to add extra touches a/k/a good clutter.

I have always loved decorating, but find I am really a “stager”.  This means gathering lots of good clutter together in what I consider fantastic groupings to make a great atmosphere. This can also be interpreted by an unappreciative sole as just plain clutter.  Give me a wonderful, empty space, and I can fill it up like no other.

When you are a creative person, which I do consider myself, you have great tendencies to create clutter.  You should see my craft room when I am on a roll.  Or when I decorate for Christmas, I was asked if anyone was hurt in the explosion that I created.  It eventually ends up in neat little clutter piles which I love to consider, yes, you’ve got it “staging”.

You can have the most beautiful area, house, or whatever, but if you don’t eliminate the bad clutter and arrange the good clutter, you have nothing but a mess (in my opinion!!!!).

Then there is girl clutter and boy clutter.  Girl clutter is pretty cool things that can be ooohed and aahed over.  Things like art work, fret work, architectural pieces, holiday decorations, etc.   Then there is boy clutter such as tools, wood, things, smelly things that have no name, boxes of things that will never be used, that fill up a two car garage that will probably never see a car again.  This type of clutter can certainly be eliminated.  If the boy clutter were eliminated then the girl clutter could easily be appreciated.  The two should probably never mix.

I love a clean house but hate to take the mindless time to create such an event.  To get me to clean is to let me purchase a wonderful new piece of “Clutter”.  Then watch me go.

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